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Book bundle – Free gift from Mike Huckabee helps kids learn:

  • President Trump’s accomplishments in office
  • President Trump’s vision for America
  • How President Trump’s policies are right for America

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This free gift bundle will help your kids learn all about President Trump’s accomplishments and vision for America.

The mainstream media has been no friend to President Trump, and they’ll never admit that he did a great job leading our country and making the changes that America needs. But, as future voters, our children and grandchildren deserve to understand the truth about President Trump and what made him a great president.  

That’s why we’re giving away our *FREE* Patriotic Kids Gift Bundle to help your kids and grandkids learn the truth about President Trump and his accomplishments in office! This fun bundle includes “The Kids Guide to President Trump” and the latest issue of the brand-new EverBright Kids magazine, and you get them both for just $1 s&p each!


The Kids Guide to Fighting Socialism

Great Again: Restoring Faith in America

The Latest Issue of EBK Magazine

The Kids Guide to President Trump is unbiased and will help your kids learn everything there is to know, from his election in 2016 and his greatest accomplishments as president. As an added bonus, we’re giving you unlimited access to the “Great Again: Restoring Faith In America” streaming video and digital workbook from Learn Our History!

What’s more, the special issue of EverBright Kids magazine will help your kids celebrate America, and enjoy oodles of great content and activities that will keep them entertained for hours!

Plus, as part of this special offer, your kids can look forward to a new Kids Guide covering an important topic for kids every 3-4 weeks, including an accompanying streaming video lesson and digital workbook, all for just $21.90. Plus, we’ll send your kids a new issue of EverBright Kids magazine each month for only $7.95. You can cancel at any time. And, if you’re not 100% satisfied, let us know within 90 days to receive a full refund of your purchase price.

What Our Families Have To Say

“We started homeschooling last year and decided to try out the kids guide for extra history. They have been amazing and my boys really love them! They get excited when they come in the mail. I have even shared them with friends. Thank you for helping my children get excited about history and learning about our country. I wish I would have had this when I was younger, maybe I would have liked history more.”

– N.H

My little boy loves these. He looks forward to getting them in the mail each month. He is 6. First grade. Homeschool. Long story but we are much older parents. He is actually one of our grandsons we adopted. I love these magazines. They are so good for children. He saves them. He can’t do everything in them yet but goes back to them

– B.L

I love mine and so do my kiddos. The pictures are beautiful and the content is outstanding. Cannot say enough good things about it.

– C.W

If I could put in a good word..my children will grab their videos without even being asked. They love them! Not to mention, customer service has been nothing less than wonderful too!

– D.H

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“Help You Kids Learn The Truth About President Trump and Celebrate America with This *FREE* Patriotic Gift Bundle!”

-Mike Huckabee, Co-Founder, The Kids Guide

“Help You Kids Learn The Truth About President Trump and Celebrate America with This *FREE* Patriotic Gift Bundle!”



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